Organic Wheat Boule (380 grams)


Organic fluffy wheat bread with overnight pate ferme and poolish (highly fluid yeast-cultured dough that is fermented much longer than typical).

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Creamy Peanut Butter with Moringa - Coco Sugar (340 grams)

All natural homemade peanut butter made from imported raw peanuts and sweetened with coco sugar. Nothing more.

Grass-fed Butter, Salted (200 grams)

All natural, grass-fedĀ and locally made rich and creamy butter from happy cows in Bukidnon.

Our butter is made fresh without any additives or preservatives. If you are buying in bulk, please store your butter in the freezer and take out a bar at a time as needed.

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Sourdough Baguette, Five-Grain (300 grams)

Wood-fired sourdough wheat baguette with five grains (sesame, linseed, oats, pumpkin and sunflower seeds) baked the traditional way.

Bread as it is baked without any preservatives. Exposure to heat activates yeast quicker, causing the loaf to have mold. Bread given to you is baked the day before, we recommend placing the bread in the freezer and taking out per slice/s to toast as needed.