Surgeonfish, Whole Fillet

650.00 per kilo

Tagalog: Labahita

Surgeonfish is a local saltwater fish featuring a delicate texture and white, succulent flesh.

Our fish will be delivered to you filleted and fresh frozen.

Please note: Your order will weigh less after the fish has been gutted, cleaned and filleted. Should you prefer to have the bones and innards delivered along with your fish, please let us know ahead of time so that we do not dispose of them.

Sustainable Packaging Option

Help save the environment and support sustainable practices by choosing reusable package containers.

Choose between the following options, in discounted prices:

Glass: Our BPA-free, food grade heat resistant borosilicate glass container is microwave-, oven- and freezer-safe and comes with airtight lids. Colors may vary based on availability.

Silicone: Our food grade silicone storage bag is freezer- and microwave- safe, BPA-free, and does not contain any fillers, coating, BPS, BPF, PVC, phthalates, or any chemicals which can be dangerous to your health.

Include fish remains in a separate bag?

Please tick this box if you would like us to send you the fish innards (for clean and gutted orders), or bones and head (for filleted orders).