A Veggie-Themed Birthday!

These past few months we’ve been getting orders for fruit and veggie baskets as birthday, housewarming, Christmas or get-well gifts. It’s quite a unique present, and the recipient is always in for a lovely surprise.

Recently, we took part in a cute and fun birthday concept for a special fitness personality.

Our dear friend, Tamila Chan of Tamila Bags recently threw her mom, Ms. Cory Quirino, a veggie-inspired birthday bash fit for the health queen herself.

Check out the giveaways:

The loot bags? No less than Tam’s very own Tamila recyclable shopping bag.
Aren’t they absolutely vibrant and gorgeous?

And the lovely loot! Fresh giant vegetables care of you know who. ?
It’s not quite evident in the photo, but we prepared a birthday giveaway package containing garlic, large imported white onions, cucumber, large capsicums in two colors, and giant eggplant. The veggies were a huge hit (pun intended)!

Now, isn’t that a sight to behold?
The birthday cake was an intricate Asparagus Cake by Coco Cakes.
That’s moist chocolate cake with peppermint filling. YUM.

Finally, the lovely birthday girl herself.
Happy birthday Ms. Quirino!
What a joy it was to be a part of this celebration.

On your special occasions, think outside the box and find ways to be different. More importantly, go green! Advocate health and wholeness with your creative ideas. There is immense value in gifting something that enriches life.

Also, if you loved the Tamila Bags, email Tam Chan for inquiries. She has great stuff, and all locally made.

Coco Cakes also has amazing handiwork. For your cake needs, we highly recommend Coco!

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