Tatler Philippines – Tatler Tips/ Alternative Eating

Published February 01, 2017

Sustainable healthy living is a goal that many of us try to achieve. Check out this list of health food and lifestyle stores that are sure to push you in the right direction.

Eating healthy is an uphill battle for most people. This becomes especially true when we are limited by the healthy alternatives available to us. While in cities like New York, San Francisco, London, Sydney etc, there is no dearth of health food stores, organic alternatives and easy to access good-for-you snacks. This has not been the case in the Philippines…but, times are changing! More fitness oriented, organic, holistic stores and retailers have sprouted up over the past few years and have made us Filipinos very happy.

Take a look at these stores and websites that make living sustainably and healthily much easier:



A full online grocery for all your cooking and kitchen needs. The Green Grocer makes grocery shopping and healthy eating easy and convenient as everything is delivered to your doorstep. The Green Grocer wants to free up peoples’ time, allowing them to spend more time with family and help people achieve more in the day. They provide, whole grain, organic, free-range and pesticide free foods to stock your pantry with. There are also a selection of natural bath and body products. An excellent plus are recipes and tutorials on how to cook healthy foods at home as well as interesting updates from their blog. You can even order gourmet cooked food and have it delivered to your house. Click on Bebo’s Conversation Cuisine to see their full menu, which is prepared using Green Grocer ingredients.