Customer Feedback – EF

EF: I was very pleased with my order, as well as, its quality/freshness of produce, how it was packed (esp. the butter), and delivered. I liked that produce was wrapped in banana leaves instead of the usual plastic bags. Very ec0-friendly. Thank you. Stay safe.

Google Review – PT

PT: Wide selection of gourmet goods, organic vegetables and meat. Food is always fresh and I love that they pack their veggies in banana leaves which is not only better for our health but kind to the environment as well (no to plastic!). Staff are very friendly, accommodating and respond right away. One of my favorite go to online one stop shops for everything healthy.

Customer Feedback – Multiple

TM: I always love how your veggies are packed in banana leaves. Keeps them fresher longer. Thanks JE: Hi! Thanks for checking in. Yes everything was great! Usually riders get lost going to our address but surprisingly he arrived without any problems. Thanks for the great service! AL: No issues... Appreciate your packing style using banana leaves. thank you
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