2,855.00 per kilo

Guanciale is unsmoked Italian bacon made from pork cheeks or jowls, its name coming from the Italian word for “Cheek”.

Guanciale has a stronger flavor than other pork products such as Pancetta, but has a more delicate texture. When cooked, the fat melts away, adding a beautiful depth to whatever dish or sauce it’s cooked in. Not eaten raw, this product comes sliced and is for cooking either in thin slices or diced. We recommend cooking this tasty savory product in pasta dishes with cream or tomato based sauces – perfect for Carbonara.

Minimum order: 0.2 kg

NOTE: This product is of variable weight and is priced per kilo. The actual weight of the product will be determined on your delivery date and this means your final bill will adjust accordingly. Any discrepancy in your pre-paid total will be settled through your preferred online transfer.


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Minimum order: 0.2 kg

Weight 1 kg

Keep Whole, Please Slice


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