Order Guidelines

Please read all Terms & Conditions below before proceeding with any order. This page contains crucial information on order procedures, revisions, cancellation, cut-off agreement, estimated time of arrival of your delivery, and applied penalties.

All orders submitted assume that you have read and understood the Guidelines set below.

Wednesday or Thursday Delivery

Order on the Weekend,
Delivery on the Weekday

Order from Saturday to Sunday (latest Monday 12nn),
and it gets delivered on Wednesday or Thursday.

Order cut-off: Monday 12noon

Saturday Delivery

Order on the Weekday,
Delivery on the Weekend

Order from Monday till Thursday 12noon,
and it gets delivered on Saturday.

Order cut-off: Thursday 12noon

Your order is considered sold and final after submission.

Should you have amendments to your order, please contact us
by email or sms before the order cut-off. Due to the sensitivity
and nature of our business, we are no longer able to cancel or
adjust your order afterwards.

In our efforts to make our system efficient and lessen the rising cost of logistics,
all orders received past the cut-off will be moved to the next scheduled delivery

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of canceling your order, please refer to our Cancellation Policy.

Please remember: Your total bill is not yet final.

All weight-based items such as fresh produce and meats only reflect weight approximations.

As these items are still to be harvested or picked up from our farms and partners, we do not have their actual kilo weight until the morning of delivery.

Please expect updates from us via sms regarding adjustments to your order (make sure to provide us with your correct cellphone number so as to properly update you with any adjustments to your order.)

On the morning of delivery, please expect an sms from us with information to your updated bill based on actual availability and/or adjusted weight of your ordered produce, meats and other items.

Adjustments are marginal, unless there are items that were unavailable or rejected by our Quality Assurance team. To be safe, we do recommend preparing an extra ?350 to ?600 for discrepancies.

The sms sent on the morning of delivery will also contain the estimated time of arrival of your order based on the day’s delivery route and schedule.

Cash on Delivery

Orders are paid CASH on delivery.

We do not accept check payments.

Please advise us if we need to prepare change upon delivery.

Bank Deposit

You may also pre-pay your delivery via BDO bank deposit.

Please wait for confirmation from our staff before making a deposit:

CA# 00-722-800-7206

Please email orders@thegreengrocermanila.com a copy of your deposit slip with your Order ID as the payment reference. Your order will not be delivered until the funds have cleared in our account.

Should there be any discrepancies in the final bill and amount deposited, this may be resolved cash upon delivery.

BDO charges a remittance fee of Php 250 for bank transfers originating out of country. If your bank is located overseas or international, this remittance fee will be added manually on top of your total bill to cover the cost of your transfer.


For those who prefer to pay with credit card, you may course your payment via Paypal.

There is a 5% transaction fee on top of your total bill to cover Paypal transaction charges.

Upon checkout, simply choose Paypal as your mode of payment.

Important: You have not been charged yet. The process of choosing Paypal upon checkout only grants us, the vendor, authorization to charge your account once your bill has been finalized.

We only charge your Paypal account when your order has been fully adjusted and a final amount has been determined.

The Green Grocer is excited for you to receive your produce! We have partnered with a courier company to expand our reach and get your order to you swiftly.

The sms we send out on the morning of delivery contains information on the estimated time of arrival of your order.

This ETA is determined by our final schedule of deliveries and route of that day. We time we provide you will be a window of about two hours with which to expect your delivery.

We reiterate that these are mere projections. We do our best to keep to the delivery schedule, however, please understand that we cannot guarantee an exact time of arrival. Many factors such as number of deliveries, traffic delays, weather conditions, wait time per point of delivery, and road conditions greatly affect our delivery schedule.

For your convenience, you will also have the ability to track your order through an app link which can be provided upon request. We are in constant communication with our Dispatch Team, however, and will update you via sms on their whereabouts, should you require this information. We will also keep you abreast on any major changes in the ETA as they happen.

In order to deliver your produce promptly and within its freshest state, our team will implement a wait time policy of a maximum of 15 minutes only per drop-off, from time of arrival. After which, Dispatch will proceed with their next delivery schedule.

Should you request for Dispatch to wait past the 15 minutes, or return to your delivery location, we will be adding ?150 return fee, plus the full fare to re-deliver your order to you, on top of your total bill to cover additional gas and costs accrued as a result of the delay:

Wait Policy:

      ?150 return fee
+   actual full fare for re-delivery
total additional fees on top of total bill 

If you are not present to receive your order, please leave strict instructions with your staff or helper to look through and inspect all items upon delivery before accepting your order.

Signing off on your delivery and receipt of your order assumes you have done so and have received your delivery with full confidence.

For any issues found after delivery, you may submit a Delivery Feedback form within two days of delivery.

For those residing in the south, you can save on delivery charges by opting to pick up at our headquarters in Sucat, Muntinlupa.

Upon checkout, click on the checkbox that enables you to Pick up at our base. Pick-up address shall be provided upon confirmation of your order.


  • Orders for pick-up follow the same Order Cut-off schedule of our deliveries. You may refer to the section above.
  • Due to the nature and sensitivity of our products, we will only store your order for a maximum of two (2) days. 
  • If you are unable to pick up your order at the agreed-upon date, please contact us soonest to arrange an alternative schedule. We will be turning over your order as-is, and will not be held liable for any changes in the quality of your produce as a result of pick-up delays. We will not be accepting returns at this stage.
  • In the event you choose to cancel your order, we will be charging a 50% restocking fee.
  • Customers whose orders are not picked up will unfortunately be blacklisted.

If you are located outside of Metro Manila, we can ship to anywhere in the Philippines via 4 to 7 working days through LBC or JRS Express. Provincial shipping rates indicated upon checkout will reflect this courier option.

Please note that due to the length of time of courier, we can only ship processed or non sensitive items.

If you prefer same-day shipment for more sensitive items such as fresh produce, meats and the like, you may choose any of these applicable options:

Point-to-Point via Bus Terminal

Order on Monday,
We ship on Thursday

We can ship to any of the following bus terminals below: 

  • Victory Liner, Pasay
  • Saulog Transit Bus Terminal, Pasay
  • Cavite-Batangas-Bataan Bus Terminal, Pasay
  • Five Star Bus Co, Pasay
  • Partas Transportation Co, Pasay
  • Philtranco – Pasay Terminal

Kindly refer to the projected costs that will be manually added on top of your bill:

  • P350 for one set of styro and ice gels
  • P150 transport to airport
  • P150+ projected cost of bus freight (depending on your total weight and order)

Upon shipment of your order, you will be provided with a bill of lading and time of departure and arrival. Please pick up your order at your terminal on the specified date and time.

Please note, will not be held liable for delays in the arrival of your order as a result of transport issues beyond our control. Thank you for understanding.

Air Cargo via Cebu Pacific

Order on Monday,
We ship on Thursday

We currently use Cebu Pacific Air Cargo for our air freight requirements.

Kindly refer to the projected costs that will be manually added on top of your bill:

  • P350 for one set of styro and ice gels
  • P150 transport to airport
  • P1,100-1,300+ projected cost of air freight (depending on your total order)

Upon shipment of your order, you will be provided with an airway bill number and flight itinerary. Please pick up your order at the Cebu Pacific airport cargo terminal on the specified date and time.

Please note, will not be held liable for delays in the arrival of your order as a result of transport issues beyond our control. Thank you for understanding.

All provincial orders regardless of shipping option must be pre-paid via bank transfer or Paypal.
Unfortunately we currently have no COD capability for deliveries outside of Metro Manila.

Based on the above additional shipping costs, we highly recommend maximizing your shipment
so as to justify your freight expenses. We recommend a minimum of 10 to 15 kilos cumulative weight.

The Green Grocer now delivers all over the metro, from Laguna to the CBD, all the way to Valenzuela!

Please refer to our Delivery Fees Reference Table below for the corresponding minimums and fees:

  • Type in your City, Barangay or Zip Code in the search bar provided below. This will automatically filter the results on the table.
  • On the columns corresponding to your city, you will find the Minimum Order Requirement needed to avail of our Subsidized Delivery Fee of just ?100.
  • In the event you only need a few items and are unable to meet the minimums, we can still deliver to you! Simply refer to the Full Fare column for your Delivery fee.
  • We also encourage you to order your groceries for the week in order to reach the corresponding minimum order requirement for a FREE delivery.

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