We are very strict on cancellations after the order cut-off. We do not stock on produce, therefore whatever order was placed at the time of cut-off has already been forwarded to the farm and purchased from our end. Your cancellation would mean a loss unto our account as the farm will still deliver these items to our base.

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of canceling your order, here are some options for you to consider:

●   You may pick up your order at our base in Sucat on another day. We can store your veggies in our chiller and turn them over to you as is. Address shall be provided upon confirmation of pick-up arrangements.

●   The Green Grocer can make a special trip to you on the next available delivery day, although do keep in mind that your produce would have been days past their harvest. We will bring you your order in its current condition, and would still need to charge you for all perishable items. These include fresh produce, dairy products, bread, eggs and other sensitive items. We will not be accepting returns at this stage.

●   In the event you choose to cancel your order completely, we will be charging a 50% restocking fee.

Please contact us soonest at any sign of a scheduling conflict, so that we can discuss your delivery options.