The Green Grocer is Manila’s first home delivery service of organic produce, grass-fed and all natural meats, farm-direct dairy products, premium deli items, and other grocery necessities.

We have been in existence since 2011! Back when fresh market delivery was unheard of, we were already serving homes all over the metro.

We deliver only the freshest harvest at your doorstep every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, straight from the different farms we represent located in Benguet, Cavite, Laguna, Tarlac, and more.

We synchronize with the harvest schedules of our farms and ensure that the produce you receive is ultra fresh. We know where our products come from and vouch for their integrity. We also screen new partners and continually add to our roster for a more consistent availability.

No storage

We take pride in delivering only the freshest of produce to your doorstep. We do not store at our base; our vegetables come straight from partner farms and are harvested only upon order.

Whether your preference is for organic or conventionally grown vegetables, produce delivered to your home has only been harvest over a few hours, so that you benefit from your vegetables in its healthiest, freshest form. Sometimes produce in groceries sit in the shelves for a full week before they are purchased and taken home to cook. You don’t want that for your family.

Unique range of products

We carry only items we personally believe in. This means that everything we offer has been tried and tested in our base, or is currently being used at The Green Grocer home. We look for products, whether produced locally or abroad, that fit well with the standards of our brand, and we understand that not all products, however good, will complement. But because you have honored us with the responsibility of choosing your groceries, we want to make sure that what we carry is of the highest quality.

Satisfaction guaranteed

As we value our service, the products we offer and the satisfaction of our customers, we ensure that all orders dispatched to your home will be to the highest standard and quality. Should there be any unforeseen issues with your delivery, just let us know, and we will do all we can to resolve it.

The Green Grocer is an extension
of your staff and kitchen.

We are unique in that we try to be sensitive to how each home is different, and we do our best to accommodate the different requirements of each customer. It’s extra work, but it’s a value of ours we don’t take lightly.

We have also aided in weekly grocery budgets. Just let us know how much you normally spend on veggies and other groceries, identify items you want on your list, and we will be happy to prepare this and deliver to you every week.


Let’s face it, many an occasion we pick out a week’s worth of vegetables to save ourselves an extra trip to the supermarket, only to find the produce we purchase browning and wilted days later.

Spoilage = Money wasted

And how long has the produce been sitting in those shelves?

Plan out your produce with The Green Grocer. Because we deliver thrice a week, we can get the appropriate amount of fruits and vegetables to you fresh. We love our jobs and enjoy getting the good produce for you.

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