All orders submitted assume that you have read and agreed to our Order Guidelines:

  • Your order must be submitted before the order cut-off. Orders received past the cut-off will be moved to the next available scheduled delivery day.
  • Your order is considered sold and final after submission.
  • Your weighted items, such as fresh produce and meats, will still incur adjustments on your final bill, as specified in the Order Guidelines.
  • You have read and understood the Cancellation Policy.
  • Payment by Bank Deposit must be made 24 hours before delivery. Any discrepancies on the final bill will be settled upon delivery.
  • Paypal checkout only serves as a pre-authorization for us, the vendor, to charge your account. Your account will be charged the final bill on the morning of delivery.
  • Your delivery will apply a wait time policy of a maximum of 15 minutes only per drop-off, from time of arrival. Penalty applies for any wait or return trip past said time allowance, as specified in the Order Guidelines.
  • Orders will be inspected and reviewed upon delivery. Signing off on your order assumes you have received your delivery with full confidence.
  • Issues on your order found after delivery must be reported within two days of delivery, as stated in the Returns & Exchange Policy.
  • Orders for pick-up will be stored for a maximum of two (2) days. We will not be held liable for any changes in the quality of your produce as a result of pick-up delays.
  • Customers whose orders are not claimed, or refuse to respond to our calls or messages, shall be deemed delinquent and will be blacklisted to prevent wastage of produce and abuse of our system.
  • Unpaid accounts will be reported to the appropriate authorities with applicable penalties to cover the legal cost of collection.
  • Discounts for SC/PWD and VAT exemptions will not be applied without the submission of appropriate legal identification. Orders must also be under the name of the card holder to qualify for said government benefits.
  • SC/PWD discount cannot be applied together with any other promotional discounts on the website, as mandated by DTI Legal Services. The discount which is higher and favorable for the client will be applied to the final bill.
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