Organic Fresh Greek Yogurt, Cow’s Milk (300 ml)


Our organic greek yogurt is homemade the traditional way, using whole buffalo milk with cow starter, so it’s full fat and incredibly nutritious. No preservatives, additives or sweetener is added to our yogurt.

This item is made to order, from organic cow’s milk.

Requires 48 hours lead time.


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One of the most touted health benefits of Greek yogurt is the probiotics it contains. These healthy bacteria help promote a healthy gut. Your digestive tract naturally contains lots of different types of bacteria – some good, helping you digest food, and some potentially harmful. Eating Greek yogurt with probiotics helps increase the good bacteria in your gut. And the more good bacteria you take in, the less room there is for the bad varieties to grow.

Greek yogurt stands out, among other things, for containing double the amount of protein compared with traditional yogurt. Since protein takes the body longer to digest, it can help make you feel and stay full for longer. This is especially important to help curb your appetite between regular meals when trying to lose weight.  And when you do get hungry, it is a healthy way to help minimize those extra cravings.

Greek yogurt also provides important nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and protein, which work together to promote strong, healthy bones.

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