Pure Raw Cacao Powder (250 grams)


100% pure and all natural unsweetened cacao powder made from pure, fermented freshly harvested cacao beans.

Use this powder in a 1:1 ratio as you would coco powder, the difference is cacao powder has no preservative, additives, emulsifiers or colors and contains high antioxidants and magnesium.

  • Add to your breakfast cereal for texture, fibre, good fats and flavour
  • Add to smoothies, juices and hot chocolate drinks
  • Mix with fruit and yogurt
  • Use in cooking and baking to add chocolate flavour and colour
  • Garnish desserts
  • Use in savory dishes to add richness e.g. stocks and slow cooks
  • Add to nuts and seeds as a snack mix
  • Make homemade chocolate by adding coconut oil and nectar

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Cacao has been used to promote health and healing for centuries by the Mayans and Aztecs as a chocolate without sweetener. Pure raw cacao powder lets you experience the real taste of chocolate. We also leave our cacao powder un-defatted (we don’t remove the cacao butter with high heat), resulting in a richer, more flavorful and nutrient dense product. Great for making raw chocolate.

Our raw cacao powder is ready to use in cooking, baking or anywhere you would use cocoa powder. It has a rich chocolate taste blended with a bitter sweet taste of pure cacao.

Raw Cacao Powder has a 1 year to 1.5-year shelf life if stored in a clean area in room temperature.

Vegan, Non-Dairy & Non-GMO.


Weight .25 kg


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