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Organic Coconut Cacao Nibs (500 grams)

Organic Coconut Cacao Nibs (1 kilo)


Minimum order: 1 pack



Organic Coconut Cacao Nibs (400 grams)


Our Cacao Nibs is chemical free, no additives or adulterants. It has a shelf-life of more than 1 year when stored in a clean and dry place at room temperature.


Pure Raw Cacao Powder (250 grams)

265.00 245.00

100% pure and all natural unsweetened cacao powder made from pure, fermented freshly harvested cacao beans.

Use this powder in a 1:1 ratio as you would coco powder, the difference is cacao powder has no preservative, additives, emulsifiers or colors and contains high antioxidants and magnesium.

  • Add to your breakfast cereal for texture, fibre, good fats and flavour
  • Add to smoothies, juices and hot chocolate drinks
  • Mix with fruit and yogurt
  • Use in cooking and baking to add chocolate flavour and colour
  • Garnish desserts
  • Use in savory dishes to add richness e.g. stocks and slow cooks
  • Add to nuts and seeds as a snack mix
  • Make homemade chocolate by adding coconut oil and nectar