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Chef at Home Breakfast Kit: Mango & Dragon Fruit Chia Bowl

This breakfast bowl is packed with nutrition and texture, thanks to our main star: Chia! Chia seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, calcium and protein and will keep you filled for your morning grind. This bowl includes organic chia seeds, an assortment of raw seeds, fresh mango and dragon fruit, dried fruit, and finished off with organic almond milk. Comes in a single-serve reusable bowl which you can take to work. Serves 1.
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Chef at Home Recipe Kit: Organic Chicken Broth

[Saturdays Only] 550.00
Bone broth is one of the most healing foods you can consume, including popular chicken bone broth. Rich in nutrients like collagen, gelatin and glycine, chicken bone broth can help to protect and heal your gut lining, boost skin health and improve joint function. To reap the awesome benefits of chicken broth with the safety of knowing what went in it and how it was made, here's a recipe kit tailored after Martha Stewart's recipe to do in the comfort of your own kitchen. This recipe yields about 700 ml to 1 liter of broth, depending on your cooking time.
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Chef at Home Snack Kit: Strawberry Basil Bruschetta (Serves 4)

Organic Greek yogurt, fresh strawberries, organic basil and balsamic reduction over a delicious slice of sourdough baguette is the perfect summer snack from cookbook author and food blogger Jo Cismaru. Also a great starter for special dinners.
Photo by Jo Cismaru
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DIY Mushroom Risotto Pack

Minimum order: 1 pack Available for delivery on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
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Organic Paneer (250 grams)

650.00 644.00
Paneer, also known as the cottage cheese, is a mild flavored curd dairy product. Even though paneer is made from dairy, it can be digested easily. It is also rich in nutrients such as protein and calcium. This item is made fresh to order, from either organic buffalo milk or organic cow's milk, whichever is available.    
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Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk / Non-Dairy Beverage, Vanilla (946 ml)

  • Unsweetened
  • Non-Dairy Beverage
  • 32 oz. container
  • 30 calories per serving
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Vegan
  • Free of dairy, lactose, soy
  • No sugar added
  • Add to coffee, oatmeal, cereal or your favorite organic smoothie
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Vegan Artisanal Treats

1 pack DIY Mushroom Risotto 1 pack Energy Date Balls (6 pieces) 1 bottle All Natural Peanut Butter with Moringa (340 ml) 1 pack Organic Coconut Cacao Nibs (500 grams) 1 pack Homemade Granola - Berry Healthy (200 grams)
Packaged in our signature native box with paper twine and gift tag.
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  • Product photo serves as a representation. Gift packaging may vary depending on stock availability from our artisan partners. 
  • Variety of item content may change depending on stock availability.
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Vegan Better Butter

[Saturdays only] 280.00
Our Better Butter is made from a blend of cultured cashew milk, coconut oil, and canola oil. It is as close to dairy butter as you can get without milking a cow – it tastes, melts, smells, and even burns just like the real thing!
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Vegan Cheese, Brie-style

[Saturdays Only] 420.00
Our Brie is made from soybean extract, formed using locally-sourced carrageenan and flavored with nutritional yeast and light miso (fermented soy bean paste). It is dairy-free and gluten-free, and it melts like a dream. Ingredients: Pure soy bean extract, coconut oil, cassava flour, white miso paste, nutritional yeast, raw apple cider vinegar, salt, carrageenan. Usage: Our dairy-free Brie can be used in much the same way as dairy Brie. Melt it on a baguette, bake it in pastry, or even spread it on crackers and pair it with apples and grapes.
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Vegan Cheese, Cheddar Easy Melt

[Saturdays Only] 420.00
Cashew based cheddar is great for all sandwich applications and goes perfectly with tomatoes or pickled onions. Ingredients: Ingredients: Cultured cashews, miso, lactic acid, nutritional yeast, vinegar, onion, garlic, mustard, salt, coconut oil, salt  
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Vegan Cheese, Cranberry Nut & Rosemary Chevre

[Saturdays Only] 476.00
In a Nutshell's Cranberry Nut & Rosemary "Goat Cheese" Chevre is made from cashews and cultured with a homemade probiotics. Perfect in salads and on crackers.
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Vegan Cheese, Mediterranean Herbed Feta

[Saturdays Only] 420.00
This dairy-free Feta is uncannily similar to its dairy counterpart, with a smooth but crumbly texture and a tangy, herby flavor. It is made from tofu and enriched with oregano, basil, and marjoram, and is perfect cut into cubes and tossed onto a salad with virgin olive oil.
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Vegan Cheese, Mozzarella

[Saturdays Only] 420.00
Mozzarella is based on pure soybean extract, formed using locally- sourced carrageenan, and mixed with herbs and fruit, for just the right amount of tang. Ingredients: Pure soybean extract, coconut oil, cassava flour, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, onion powder, carrageenan, salt. Usage: Mozzarella is a great all-rounder as it’s a hard cheese that slices, grates and melts. Obviously it's time to make some pizza!
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Vegan Cheese, Parmesan

[Saturdays Only] 364.00476.00
An aged cultured cashew block-based cheese that acts much like American processed parmesan. Ingredients: Ingredients: Cultured cashews, miso, lactic acid, nutritional yeast, vinegar, onion, garlic, mustard, salt, coconut oil, salt Usage: Great to shave or grate on your pasta like a pro!
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Vegan Cheese, Pepper Jack

[Saturdays Only] 420.00
In a Nutshell's Pepper Jack is a truly versatile cheese. Firm enough to slice into a burger or grate onto a pizza, and it melts into a delicious cheesy goo—with just a little kick of spice from fresh green and red chilies.
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Vegan Cheese, Smoked Gouda

[Saturdays Only] 420.00
The Smoked Gouda is a great all-rounder. Its mellow, smoky flavor is warm but not overpowering, so it can be used to complement any dish, or it can be melted down to serve as the main attraction, on a grilled cheese sandwich or as a pizza topping. It makes a delicious addition to cheese boards.
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