Beyond Meatballs™ Pasta with Pesto

When it's good, there's no need to reinvent the wheel! Lifting this easy plant-based recipe from Beyond Meat utilizing their latest product, juicy meatballs, and the freshest of ingredients.

Esquire: Online Grocery Stores in the Philippines/ A Guide

Published Apr 23, 2019


We've gotten complacent about our groceries lately: press a few buttons, make a few choices, and someone delivers our food and utilities to our door. The availability of online grocery stores in the Philippines has spoiled us with effortless shopping. But with Honestbee's future in the Philippines a little, shall we say, shaky at the moment, are we (gulp) about to go back to the time of pushing carts and lugging overstuffed bags and boxes home, all while balancing a carton of eggs?

While Honestbee's efficiency and marketing campaigns have us all dependent on the brand for our shopping needs, there are other options for digital shopping in the Philippines. There are other online grocery stores in the Philippines that offer just as much convenience and variety.

Festive Lentil & Cranberry Salad

Here's a hearty and filling salad which makes for a great addition to any party menu. It's also quite versatile. Add your own twist by incorporating kale, quinoa, feta or roasted squash (as pictured here in Yummy Mummy Kitchen's version). Very easy to prepare ahead of time and store in the fridge as it's also great chilled.
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