Doing the Math on Coffee Spending

We have been doing the math on coffee spending, and, if you are like us who frequent coffee chains like Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Seattle’s Best, you’ll be surprised to know how much you actually spend on coffee.

A tall cup of brewed coffee is around ?110.

x drink once a day
x around 3 times a week
   ?330 a week on coffee

?330 a week
x  4 weeks
   ?1,320 a month on coffee

If you spend over ?1,000 a month on coffee for a tall cup, how much more for a grande, special coffee drinks, at higher-end cafes, multiplied over more cups in a day, over more days in a week?

Here’s a thought: Why not bring your canister of coffee to work?

A tall cup uses 15 grams of coffee. We’re finding that with just ?400 for a 500-gram pack of locally grown organic coffee, you can have a little over 33 cups to enjoy at home and take to work! You’ll even have some budget left for nights when you do hit the cafe with friends.

But forget coffee chains; let’s compare apples to apples: How much is a pack of ground coffee sold at the supermarket?

Most packs weigh about 250 grams and are sold for at least ?250.
For a kilo of good coffee, you still spend ?1,000!

The numbers do make a strong case. Reconsider your coffee spending. There are ways around satiating that caffeine fix without spending too much on just a cup of java.

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