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Fresh Mushroom – Shiitake (200 grams)

380.00 370.00
Shiitake mushrooms are rich in B vitamins—they are an excellent of pantothenic acid, a very good source of vitamin B2, and a good source of vitamin B6, niacin, choline, and folate. Additionally, they are concentrated in minerals, being an excellent source of selenium and copper, a very good source of zinc, and a good source of manganese. They are also a good source of vitamin D (in the D2 form) and dietary fiber. They also provide a wide variety of unique phytonutrients. To maximize their flavor and the retention of their nutrients it is important not to overcook them. That's why we recommend Healthy Sauteeing shiitake mushrooms for just 7 minutes to bring out their best flavor while maximizing their nutrient retention.

Pedro Craft Beer, Endless Summer Wheat Ale

Consumer tastes and preferences are shifting towards higher quality products, and craft beer is the answer to the beer drinker's desire for a fresher, more flavorful and natural beer experience. Pedro is the perfect introduction to the world of craft beer. Pedro brews honest and fun all natural craft beers that everyone will love. Pedro is guided by the philosophy that beer should be approachable, yet of the highest quality. Pedro craft beers are proudly brewed in their San Pedro City, Laguna facility by the only brewer in the Philippines certified by the American Brewer's Guild. Minimum order: 4 bottles