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Complete Farmer’s Basket

Get a mixed selection of The Green Grocer's pick of genuine organic upland fresh harvest vegetables and fruit from our partner farms perfect for a small family, with a combination of some essential protein picks:
  • Free-range Brown Eggs (half dozen) or Grass-fed Butter
  • Grass-fed Ground Beef or Stew Cubes
  • Organic Chicken Breast, Legs or Wings
  • Organic Pork Chops, Belly or Loin
  • Optional: You may also opt for a Seafood or a Lamb Shoulder inclusion in our basket; this will replace one (1) meat and one (1) Egg/Butter.
Contents vary depending on seasonality and availability. Please also note that packaging may change depending on which farms the organic produce is sourced.

Organic Quinoa, White (400 grams)

420.00 392.00
This cherished ancient grain is one of nature's most nutritious foods, and works well as a rice substitute.
  • Certified Organic by Biolatina un quinoa
  • Pre Washed and Gluten Free
  • 100% Whole Grain

Organic Sweet Potato Tuber

235.00 per kilo
Tagalog: Kamoteng Laman Available for delivery on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Minimum order: 0.5 kg

Organic Lemongrass (100 grams)

Tagalog: Tanglad