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Bebo’s Vegan Chili, Solo (Frozen)

Bebo's Famous Chili, now meat-free and vegan. A delicious hearty, warm hug with the same savory profile as our grass-fed chili you have all come to love. We are incredibly proud of this plant-based dish. Goes perfectly with our delicious sourdough bread.

Mushroom & Kale Dumplings (Frozen) (10 pieces)

Our latest offering is a staple that we have perfected in our home kitchen after many a trial. They are made fresh upon order, with only honest ingredients carried in The Green Grocer roster. This variant is the vegan version of our shrimp, mushroom & kale dumplings. It features main ingredients such as kale, spinach and white button mushrooms. Sesame oil is also used in the seasoning of the filling.

Organic Vegan Mushroom Balls (10 pieces)

448.00 420.00
Made from organic oyster and white button mushrooms, an assortment of raw seeds, oats and natural herbs and spices. Frozen and ready to cook.  

Yin & Yang Vegan Dips & Crackers

1,176.00 1,120.00
We've got sweet and savory hummus variants to cover the days you crave one or the other:
  • Savory: 1 bottle of our Bestseller Regular Hummus (200 ml)
  • Sweet: 1 bottle of our new dessert variant, Chocolate Hummus (200 ml)
  • 1 pack Knekkebrod seed crackers
All packaged in our native gift basket with ice gel, signature paper twine and gift tag. Please note: gift packaging serves as a reference only. Final look and materials may vary depending on availability from our partner artisans.