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Organic Quinoa, White (400 grams)

This cherished ancient grain is one of nature's most nutritious foods, and works well as a rice substitute.
  • Certified Organic by Biolatina un quinoa
  • Pre Washed and Gluten Free
  • 100% Whole Grain

Organic Sweet Potato Tuber

235.00 per kilo
Tagalog: Kamoteng Laman Available for delivery on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Minimum order: 0.5 kg

Organic Coco Sugar (1 kilo)

Minimum order: 1 pack Available for delivery on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Organic Sugar Beets

750.00 per kilo
Beets are high in many vitamins and minerals: Potassium, magnesium, fiber, phosphorus, iron; vitamins A, B & C; beta-carotene, beta-cyanine; folic acid. These are but a few of the many nutrients, vitamins and minerals that can be found in beets and beet greens. Minimum order: 0.5 kg

Organic Adlai / Job’s Tears / Coix (1 kilo)

Adlai is a Salamanca produce responsibly grown at the foot of Mt. Kanlaon, Negros Occidental.  Internationally known as Job’s Tears, Adlai is proven and tested as Gluten-Free. Lowering cholesterol, high in VITB-complex, calcium, iron, and protein. A wonderful substitute for rice, pasta, couscous, arborio, orzo, barley, millet, and quinoa. Cook 1 cup adlai to 1.5 cups water

Organic Barley Grass Powder (400 grams)

Barley has been the go-to health booster for thousands of years. With a significant chlorophyll content, barley grass boasts an array of minerals including iron, copper and up to 11 times the calcium in cow’s milk. Barley grass is an excellent source of protein with 18 of the 22 essential amino acids. Packed with fibre and iron and other nutrients and minerals. Add 1-2 teaspoons (3-6 grams) of barley grass powder into your favourite smoothie, juice or shake.

Organic Spirulina Powder (400 grams)

Spirulina is a superfood with tremendous health benefits! Considered a complete protein, this blue-green algae provides an ideal balance of all nine essential amino acids. It’s also naturally loaded with vitamins A through E, iron, potassium, calcium, and antioxidants. All it takes is one to two tablespoons per day, mixed into virtually any food or liquid, to add a major boost of protein, vitamins and minerals to your everyday diet.
  • Ceritfied USDA and EU organic raw spirulina powder
  • non-irradiated and microcystin-free
  • most nutrient-dense food on the planet
  • 70% protein by weight (7g of protein per 10g of spirulina powder)
  • boosts endurance and stamina

Organic Raw Muscovado (400 grams)

140.00 112.00
100% Organic Muscovado Raw Cane Sugar. This delicious powder brown sugar is made from organic-farmed, fresh sugar-cane, it is unrefined, all natural and 100% organic certified. Muscovado sugar contain 15 calories per 4 grams (1 tsp).

Organic Maca Root Powder (400 grams)

Sourced from Peru, our high-quality maca powder provides a good source of fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium and amino acids. Considered an “adaptogen,” a name given to certain herbs, plants and natural substances, the maca root helps the body naturally adapt to stressors like a busy schedule, demanding job or illness.

Maca Root Benefits

  1. Rich in Antioxidants
  2. Enhances Energy, Mood and Memory
  3. Improves Female Sexual Health
  4. Balances Estrogen Levels
  5. Boosts Male Fertility

Bebo’s Organic Peri Peri Marinated Frozen Whole Chicken

Bebos' Conversation Cuisine makes a version of the popular Portuguese spicy chicken made from crushed up chilis, lemons and fragrant spices guaranteed to bring up the heat on your dining table. It's the finger-licking gustatory dish you'll serve at your next meal without the painstaking prep work involved in actually making it. Each whole chicken is vacuum sealed in its marinade, and comes with easy cooking instructions.

On Introductory Offer!

Bebo’s Organic Chimichurri Marinated Frozen Whole Chicken

Bebos' Conversation Cuisine launches its newest Chicken recipe featuring our favorite Argentinian flavor perfect for the grill and beyond. Our free-range whole dressed chicken richly marinated in South american chimichurri marinade. Get ready to set aside your utensils for this. Bebo's marinates each whole chicken from scratch with all natural herbs and spices and goes traditional with its chimichurri flavor. Each whole chicken is vacuum sealed in its marinade, and comes with easy cooking instructions.

On Introductory Offer!

Chef at Home Meal Kit: Organic Chimichurri Chicken | Grilled Avocado (or Sweet Potato) | Organic Salad

We will send you the portioned ingredients you need and the recipe to prepare this meal. All you need from your end are essential cooking necessities such as salt, sugar, pepper and oil. The dishes include:
  • Main: Organic Chimichurri Chicken
  • Side: Grilled Avocado (May be replaced with potato/sweet potato when not in season)
  • Side: Organic Salad with Chimichurri

Organic Gluten Free Chicken Popcorn (200 grams)

Organic Chicken Breast bites coated in organic brown rice perfect for your child's snack.

Organic Lemonade Quencher, Small

1,904.00 1,540.00
A unique household gift! A 2-liter beverage dispenser filled with a kilo of organic lemons straight from our partner farms. The designs of our beverage dispensers may vary per order depending on stock availability.

Organic Paneer (250 grams)

650.00 616.00
Paneer, also known as the cottage cheese, is a mild flavored curd dairy product. Even though paneer is made from dairy, it can be digested easily. It is also rich in nutrients such as protein and calcium. This item is made fresh to order, from either organic buffalo milk or organic cow's milk, whichever is available.